Vermont Castings PWR POD Fire Starter
Vermont Castings PWR POD Fire StarterVermont Castings PWR POD Fire StarterVermont Castings PWR POD Fire StarterVermont Castings PWR POD Fire StarterVermont Castings PWR POD Fire Starter

The Vermont Castings PWR POD Fire Starter is a versatile tool that quickly lights various fuel types without the need for fluids. It's compatible with both Universal Battery System PWR POD and MASTERCRAFT 20V MAX battery systems (batteries not included) and offers a high ignition temperature of 1472 F (800 C). With a quick coal lighting time of 60 seconds, blowing air speed of 55 km/hr (35 MPH), and two modes for igniting and boosting flames, this easy-to-use fire starter ensures fast and efficient fire creation. Safety is prioritized with no flame, gas, or toxic chemicals released, and the stable cooling base doubles as a convenient bottle opener.
SKU: 0850200

  • Vermont Castings PWR POD Fire Starter lights charcoal, briquettes, wood chips, chunks, logs or pellets in minutes without fluid

  • Compatible with all sizes of Universal battery system PWR POD (battery not included).

  • Compatible with MASTERCRAFT 20V MAX battery system (battery not included).

  • Ignition temperature: 1472 F (800 C)

  • Coal lighting time: 60 seconds

  • Blowing air speed: 55 km/hr (35 MPH) spreads fire quickly

  • Easy to use, just point, press button and light

  • Igniter releases no flame, gas or other toxic chemicals

  • Two Modes: 1. Burn Mode - activates heat and fan to ignite fuel. 2. Blow Mode - used for boosting flames.

  • 2-mode safety ignition switch defaults to OFF

  • Stable cooling base that also functions as a bottle opener


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Battery operated lighter

I was curious about this new addition to the PWR POD line of tool. Having already some PWR POD battery I gave it a shot; it works well to start the BBQ versus the traditional methods. It is however a bit bulky for what it does but produces a good flames to ignite charcoal.

Fire Starter

What a cool product. Never knew something like this existed. It works great at lighting in minutes. It has a blow option which is great. It doesnt come with battery so you will need to buy one to use it. Its a great product for lighting bbqs.

Battery igniter

Quite amazing how this igniter works without fluid and can ignite without flames, gas or chemicals. I also really like that it has a blow option to fan existing flames. I have other PWR pod tools so have batteries handy. For someone who doesnt this does not include battery so that is an inconvenience. This might be one of my new favourite summer bbq and firepit tools for this year!

Best One Ever

Replaced a dead igniter tool, fit perfectly and works great!! Very easy to plug into the wires under the control panel

Ka Man14463
Vermont Castings Igniter

Like that this igniter is battery operated. Great product